Lead & Workflow Management System

End-to-end visibility into every project, data-reporting to drive growth and improvement.

People gathered around large calendar, apparently optimizing parts of a project, representing Centah's lead and workflow management solutions

The Centah Lead and Workflow Management System is built to provide visibility into each of your brand’s home improvement projects. Centah’s collaborative, permission-based environment allows head office, branches, stores & contractors to view the same information in real-time from any web-enabled device.

The Lead and Workflow Management System is configurable for any business. Our Basic Product Offering provides fundamental tools and utilities, while the Add-On Modules & Functionality listed below are available to enhance the basic package.

Basic Features Include:

Automated Lead Distribution

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The Centah Work Flow & Lead Management System is built to provide visibility to the Home Improvement project.

Lead Life Cycle Management

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The Centah Lifecycle module gives end-to-end visibility into the customer life cycle, highlighting areas of success and opportunities for improvement.

Roles & Permissions

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Easily configure user roles and permissions to fit your business and to maximize performance.

Mobile & Tablet Accessibility

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Centah’s Work Flow & Lead Management interface is accessible in real-time via any web-enabled device, such as mobile phones or tablets.

Complaint Management

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Centah smoothly manages customer complaints from creation to resolution, providing total transparency to your customer’s experience.

System Self-Administration

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Centah provides training and assistance in self-administration for convenience and business independence.

Lead Channel Management

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Centah enables customer tracking via lead source/channel management on the web, in-store, from a call center, home show, or direct contact.

Add-On Modules & Functionality

The optional modules and functionality listed below serve to further tailor the Centah Platform to your business needs. Book a call to speak with a member of our Business Development team and discuss how Centah can work for your business.

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Enhanced Reporting & Dashboards

  • Allows clients to track and monitor the status of leads and complaints
  • Backed with the latest technology to allow for ease of use for clients
Photo of laptop with Centah Lead & Workflow Management Software Reporting, product screenshot of Leads Overview
Photo of Laptop & Tablet running Centah Lead & Workflow Management Software Lead and Workflow Management platform, showing view across devices

Multi-Channel Lead Management

Ability to capture leads through various channels, such as call centre, iframe and in-store