It takes more than leads to grow your business, it takes customers.

Reach engaged homeowners today who are ready to get a home improvement project underway. To learn more about our solutions for remodelers, click below.

Illustration of people doing construction including painting, installing air conditioner and supervising, representing Centah Solutions' home improvement and installation services management platform

Customers are your priority. They’re ours too.

Clients are the cornerstone of your business and that’s why Centah’s HomePro Marketplace focuses on sending you customers, not just leads. And, it is this customer-first focus that distinguishes us from other leading generating services.

Getting your business in front of homeowners

How much time and money does your company spend finding homeowners who may, or may not, be in the market for the home service you offer? Chances are the answer is, too much. With Centah’s HomePro Marketplace, finding and qualifying the lead, and even booking the appointment for a consultation is the heavy front-end work that Centah’s HomePro Marketplace takes off your to-do list. All the pre-work is done for you.

Lead generation and nurturing

Digital marketing that is multi-faceted and targeted ensures a deep pool of leads to support your business’s growth.

Co-branded sales focused Contact Center services

Homeowners are pre-qualified based on your company’s screening criteria before becoming a dedicated lead.

High intent and in‑market

Our leads include booked appointments. These homeowners are ready to discuss their project with you.

360° visibility of leads and clients

Easily track, report on, and follow your projects from booked appointment to installation day. Business intelligence from data ensures best in class customer experience is achieved.

More than just a lead

Digital leads don’t become real customers on their own; a reality that many lead generators in the industry overlook.

For more than a decade, Centah has taken lead generation a step further with a dedicated Contact Center. Real people make a real difference in turning a lead into your customer, and Centah’s Contact Center produces results.

  • Experience matters: Centah’s dedicated Contact Center has more than 15 years of know-how in the home improvement industry, as a result of working with established manufacturers, remodelers, distributors and big box retailers. We offer services in English, Spanish and French.
  • Timing is essential: The Contact Center connects with the homeowner within minutes of submitting their request, to capitalize on their interest in starting a new project. This helps ensure eager customers aren’t left waiting around to book their appointment.
  • Consistent customer experience: What the homeowner hears from the Contact Center will complement what they hear from you at their appointment. Together, we’ll work on a message that showcases your brand, conveys your value proposition and leverages any current promotions you’re offering.
  • Advanced workflow & CRM technology: Centah’s collaborative, permission-based environment allows head office, branches, stores & contractors to view the same information in real-time from any web-enabled device.

Where the leads come from that ultimately become your customer

Homeowners are a varied group and to ensure we tap into as many people as possible, there are a variety of sources from where your customer will originate. This three-pronged approach also ensures there is a consistent number of leads at any time:

Digital Network

We partner with some of the top digital aggregators and affiliates in the home services industry, giving you the opportunity to expand your customer base.


Brands who we’ve teamed up with and offer their customers access to home improvement and installation services either in store or online.

Centah’s Local Home Pro

Homeowners can easily find Local Home Pro through industry leading digital marketing strategies like SEO, paid search, social ads, content marketing, remarketing, and conversion rate optimization.

HomePro Marketplace’s featured home improvement and installation services

Centah’s HomePro Marketplace focuses on various different service categories including:

  • Gutters
  • HVAC
  • Windows
  • Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Siding
  • Bath and Shower Remodels
  • Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
  • And more!