Centah Solutions Products and Services

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About Centah Solutions

Centah was founded in 2004 to streamline and simplify the fulfillment of installation services orders, enabling both trades and brands. To further ensure the success of the company and clients alike, we launched a specialized call center that same year aimed specifically at the home improvement space with the intent of handling the unique needs of customers looking to renovate, remodel and otherwise enhance their homes.

In the ensuing years, we have harnessed our experiences, wins, and losses to further extend our product offerings and continuously version up our technology, still driven by our vision of further enabling the success of our clients and stakeholders.

We continue to pride ourselves on working hard to be a leader at delivering the features and services our clients need, and that help them to view Centah as an invaluable and trusted partner in their businesses.

In 2017, Centah Solutions was acquired by Financeit and its majority shareholder, Goldman Sachs.

Work Flow and Lead Management Solutions

Centah’s Workflow & Lead Management Solution is designed to capture customer and project-related data throughout the project lifespan. This information is then used to develop analytical reporting that provides a real-time view into your home services and installations business. Visibility into such a data-rich project life cycle offers invaluable opportunities for growth and process improvement.

Call Center and Contact Center Solutions

De-risk your expansion into the Home Services industry. Centah’s Home Services Program Launch Consulting team works with you to evaluate how your business fits into this marketplace and assess the implications of joining this new revenue channel.

Home Services Program Launch Consulting

Centah’s Call & Contact Center Solutions are a multifaceted approach to dramatically improving the customer experience and overall brand of the client. The entire project life cycle is monitored, managed, and tweaked based on key performance indicators of all stakeholders involved. Centah’s Call & Contact Centers become the main point of contact for the customer, ensuring expectations are met and managed throughout the lifespan of the project.

HomePro Marketplace

HomePro Marketplace is a full service digital lead generation and CRM platform that provides OEMs, remodelers and other regional service providers in the home installation industry with high quality, easy close customer leads and booked appointments. Through our unique HomePro platform, you can increase your revenue without a large upfront investment in digital marketing and resources on customer contact and qualification. We generate demand and book appointments so you can focus on sales and job quality.

Are Centah Solutions’ products and service a fit for your brand?

Is this your Business?

  • Does your business produce or sell an Installed product?
  • Does your business have an established Dealer Network and/or Buying Network?
  • Is your company based in North America?
  • Are you looking to expand your sales channels?

Are these your concerns?

  • Costly office administration and overhead expenses
  • Lack of customer communication – unanswered calls, neglected voicemails, etc.
  • Inefficient inventory tracking and production projection
  • Inability to track and monitor new leads
  • Poor closing ratio management and coaching
  • Dependency on external retail stakeholders