Home Services Program Launch Consulting

De-risk your expansion into home services and installations with our dedicated team of expert consultants.

Home Services Category Development

Extend your trusted brand, sell more products, and build profitability by getting into the Home Improvement and Installation Services business. Learn how to leverage your existing network of dealers or contractors that already buy your product. Many brands have already made the leap and expanded their business by getting more involved with the service providers who sell their product to the consumer.

Emerging products and services are generally not top of mind for consumers who are looking to buy and install home improvement products. Instead, many consumers are more comfortable turning to brands that they already know and trust. If you want to grow your business by becoming an advocate for the consumer, your customer, then Centah has the tools and expertise you need to position yourself at the forefront of the marketplace.

Basic Features Include:

Client Wants & Needs Analysis

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Centah will analyze and prioritize the needs and wants of your organization. These meetings will determine your company’s potential for marketplace penetration.

  • Identify what niche services your company can offer

Business Model Verification

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In collaboration with your team, Centah will create a services business model that leverages your existing expertise, and that works best for your company.

  • Build your services business using a model that was custom-tailored to your company’s existing strengths

Competitor Analysis

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Determine your current and future competition, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how your company will disrupt their place in the market.

  • Identify the tools and strategies to be successful among your competitors

Business Proposal Creation

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Receive a unique and customized business roadmap that includes sale projections, costs, timelines, revenue analysis, personnel, and marketing strategies.

  • Grow your business utilizing this holistic roadmap explicity designed with your company in mind

Opportunities Analysis

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Receive a full analysis of your company’s opportunities within the industry, including how to grow your existing product lines and explore new revenue streams.

  • Obtain clear and succinct analytical data that will drive your services business model

National Market Research

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Centah will determine the market scope, key players, stakeholders, and successful market share holders, and design a strategy for your company.

  • Lead Source Reporting
  • Advertising & Marketing Management Reporting

Client Strategy Development

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Utilizing industry knowledge and expertise, Centah will develop a unique and disruptive organizational strategy that will position your company for market share ownership.

  • Define the steps and phases necessary for revenue growth and brand recognition in a new market

Location Assistance

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Expand your market reach and increase brand presence with the use of subcontractors recruited and screened by Centah’s experts.

  • Partner with strategic contractors who are motivated to grow your business as they grow theirs