Why it’s a Good Idea to Invest in Home Improvement Call Centers?

Invest in Home Improvement Call Centers - Call center team taking calls in front of computer screens

There are many price-oriented call center solutions on the market you can choose from. But, will they generate more jobs for your company? Companies who are looking for a call center solution have to take into consideration call center expertise and efficiency to generate qualified leads and to deal with complaints.

Centah Home Improvement Call Center solution is designed, developed and priced based on the value that brings to its users!

Remember, a dollar more for high-quality lead generation and customer support can make five, fifty or five hundred dollars in revenue. That is why Centah Calls Center service is not a traditional “cheap” call center solution.

Yes, the call center is “Just the place where someone picks up the phone, makes a few notes and hangs up”. We agree… if we are talking about traditional call centers. But those are not able even to keep your business on a current level. For the best results, you will need the best call center service that will drive your lead generation, sales and installation processes. And to be the best, the call center has to be a part of a complete business intelligence – as it is with Centah Solution.


What is adding value for home improvement call center?

The call center success is based on the efficiency of the human interactions. Top efficiency can be achieved by using account customization process and working with customers’ feedback information for developing unique call handling protocols.

For call agents, it is very important to be trained to process various customers’ needs (which are very specific for home improvement projects) and to resolve all issues according to the best business practices. These customer service strategies will transform your call center to a key revenue-generating segment of the business.

But none of this is possible with traditional “one-size-fits-all” call center that is not dedicated for home improvement industry. Customer needs are more complex (they are not buying simple cash-and-carry products), and the issues can be generated in the various stages of the process. Also, every order is measured in hundreds or thousands of dollars and it is a too big risk to let the traditional call center to deal with this kind of goods and services. Of course, this brings some cost for home center operations, but this additional cost is worth of investment since it will be paid off quickly thanks to qualified leads, expectations set, better closing ratios, more resolved complaints, more finished jobs and more revenue for your business.

The value of call center can be easily measured by closing ratios, a number of finished jobs, the number of cancellations, etc. We know how much effort we invested in our call center solution, we know we can train and manage our call center employees to bring true value to our customers, and we know how businesses look before and after professional home improvement call center service implementation.

Call Center as a part of full business solution

Also, home improvement call center efficiency depends of its integration with core business management software solution.

For call center best results, received calls, assigned jobs and resolved complaints have to be an integral part of the software solution that is also used by senior and medium company management, salespeople, installers, administration.

Initially, call center integration as a part of the Centah system can add some costs:

  • Centah software implementation and transition period
  • Business consulting related to your operational workflow
  • Tailoring call center features to suit your business (scripts, training, etc).

But all these costs will be diminished by benefits of instant communication across your entire business network, including the call center database and the company customer management software (CMS), reducing the cost of IT and infrastructural support.

This is what you can get from a call center with Centah

Basic Product Offering – Components & Product Benefits

  1. Inbound Call Handling– Inbound customer calls are received, routed and actioned through the Centah Lead Distribution algorithm to the appropriate contractor.


  • CSR performance and SLA management
  • Advanced Call reporting
  1. Regional Call Scripting – Centah’s call center offers customizable scripting based on region and geography.


  • Enhanced and improved customer experience
  1. Call Interval Reporting – Interval Reporting provides insight into call handling, agent timelines, and overall performance.


  • Key Performance Indicator monitoring and management
  1. Agent Quick Notes– Expending your insight for everyday call center operations.


  • Cost control and expense management
  • Improved call efficiency
  1. Call Recording Access– Access to individual call recordings provides substance and reference to customer interactions.


  • Improved customer resolution
  • Insightful CSR coaching and training



  • Highly Efficient: Centah’s Call Centers are a centralized, highly efficient solution designed to manage large volumes of customer interactions.
  • Superior Service: Our superior customer service is a result of our rigorous screening and onboarding process to identify and successfully train the best agents.
  • Service Excellence: We manage, measure and monitor the performance and activities of our agents to ensure quality control, proficiency and service excellence.
  • Retailers Trust: Ongoing training/coaching of team members, with a highly collaborative client engagement model, are reasons Retailers trust our Call Centers.

Centah’s award-winning and innovative Call Centers specialized in creating and executing proactive marketing programs that promote revenue generation.

We are primary a SaaS company but call center is an important part of our package and the key value of our offer. We have tested external call centers years ago but we have never been satisfied with the service they provided. At the end, it was clear that home improvement is so specific industry that traditional call centers just couldn’t be the option.

So, we developed exactly what we wanted for ourselves – specialized home improvement call center!

Today, we are happy to share our experience and call center services together with our business solution and software tools. For more information about our call center pricing, please follow the link

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