Why Should Manufacturers Implement Centah Solutions in Their Direct-To-Consumer Business Model?

Let’s remember what we have discovered in our last article. At first, we reviewed the issues and challenges you are dealing with in your current business approach regarding a non-direct channel of distribution.

Like we have said, according to our opinion based on the years of developing best business solutions in our industry, and according to those main issues we have listed in the previous article, the key point you should focus on, if you want to improve your business situation, is changing the direction of your product straight to consumer. A key consideration in establishing direct sales channels, as we have said, is the concept of sales installation network.

This solution can bring you:
  • Not just risk resilience, but, with a direct approach to the consumer, you can improve your margins, which you were not getting before
  • The quality control after installation
  • Feedback from the end users
  • Product improvement using feedback
  • Marketplace brand awareness

We understand your concern regarding a direct channel of distribution, so you may find that you need some kind of help in that process.


Get help from Centah solution!


Home Services Program Launch Consulting

No matter if you are a newcomer in the Home Improvement marketplace and you see that your starting position should be the best one, or you are someone who is already familiar, even well known, in the entire marketplace but you want to improve your business. At the beginning of those processes first, you need to establish a precisely defined business model.

You know what you have and what you want, but we know how to fit your business into this marketplace.

Let Centah’s Home Services Program Launch Consulting team work with you and help you to:
  • Spread the network for installation services
  • Act in order to make the best relation with contractors.
  • Establish every part of the business in the best way
  • Set pricing system (that is something with which you should deal at the beginning of this business)
  • Build strong relation with external retail stakeholders
  • Improve closing ratio management
  • Coach the newly established dealer network


These are some of your concerns we can help you manage


Software Work Flow and Lead Management Solutions

After establishing the Home Installation Services business model, tracking and monitoring new leads is the next thing we should do together. Why are we so sure we can also help you with that? Our Lead Management Solutions are designed in order to do that, to capture a customer, but not just that. When you capture them, you should follow each step till the installation service is done, to make sure that your product will find the best place for itself. The Lead Management solutions provide you the visibility of all project data throughout the project lifespan, our Software Work Flow. This information is then used to develop analytical reporting that provides the visibility into the client’s services business. Gaining visibility to such a data-rich project life cycle offers invaluable opportunities to improve business processes quickly and efficiently.


Centah’s Call & Contact Center Solutions

In the business model approach in which you are going directly to the consumer, you have, of course, the direct communication with them. As we have said in the previous article, you shouldn’t allow the lack of communication with the end user, because you will be missing so much! With the new structure of your distribution channel, you will not miss a thing. However, the communication with a customer is complex, as all important things are. Till now, intermediaries struggled with all that stuff, but we don’t want any struggling at all.

Now, when you are in contact with the end users of your product, let’s take the best we can from that relationship. Let’s satisfy, not just yours needs and values, but of your consumers, as well. But there is so many unanswered calls, neglected voice mails, you may think. However, our thoughts regarding that are: Wow, how great this new source of feedback is!

We think like that because we have established a solution for resolving those challenges.

That’s why we said that our Call & Contact Center Solutions are a multifaceted approach for dramatically improving the customer experience and overall brand of the client.

Centah’s Call & Contact Centers have become the main point of contact for the consumer, ensuring that expectations are met and managed throughout the lifespan of the project.

Because of the Agent Quick Notes, which rapidly reduce after-call work time, we will help you improve call efficiency and have cost control as expense management.

As we have promised, our solutions satisfy the both sides of your two-level distribution channel.


Centah certified

We thought of one more point in your new business approach. We are so sure that spreading the dealer network can help you both in increasing revenue and in risk resilience that we want to help you in as many steps during that process as we can.

Benefits of our Dealer Service Certification Program
  • The Certification Program is designed to ensure that only the most highly trained servicers install your product.
  • Before being certified and admitted into the program, servicers must demonstrate a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • With our Dealer Service Certification Program you will be sure that the person who installs your product is qualified for that in every way. Also, servicers will be sure that they are working for the best, because they are secure in their workplace having the insurance plan.
  • It enables all participants in your Dealer network to improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.
  • By emphasizing great service, these dealers differentiate themselves from the competition while creating value that the “quality” customers are looking for.

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