What to Look for in Call Center Reporting?

What to look for in call centre reporting - Centah helps you measure what matters most

Customer communication is one of the most important factors of the home improvement business and a lion’s share of it is managed through a call center. This makes call center reports the starting point for business improvement and key documents for a decision-making process.

Call center’s role within your customer management strategy has the significant impact in supporting your business focus. It is all about a complete customer experience management that boosts higher revenues. A call center has the ability to handle a large volume of calls at the same time, to screen calls and forward them to persons which they are related to.

Call centers are usually business on their own, but they are essential for home improvement companies who use them since many of the first contacts will happen there. Besides basic standards for call center employees (languages, speed, skills), as a user company, it is important for you to understand what is really happening there. This is why you are going to need call center reports, especially in these three categories.

Alarm! Action. Resolved.

The basic idea of a call center business reporting is to highlight different issues that occur in the customer communication and management. By our experience, if any issue during the sales and installation process pops up, after customer’s first or the second call to salespeople or installers from your network, the customer will contact the call center.

This is very valuable since it means they didn’t give up of doing the project with you even they had a (good) reason to do so. If a call center personnel is well trained they will be able to process this issue properly in the system for further actions and job completion.

Thanks to this “backup option” for your business, you will be able to review even those issues that were not entered in the system by your contractors or dealers. This way you will have “double check” for a better understanding of your business network operations.

Reporting should provide both archived and ongoing jobs:

  • Archived jobs will give you and your managers clear and accurate reference data.
  • Ongoing jobs will give the opportunity to react immediately.

For example, use finished jobs data to review average red flags history and current data to recognize those way below or way above average for further investigation.

Historical performance and trending data

As we showed in the example above, historical data about your business performance can always be used as a reality check for ongoing jobs, but also for each one of the partner companies and FTE & PTE employees in your business network.

Call center operations reporting history can be equally valuable for managing your business sales channels and for different installation services. As we stated at the beginning, for many of your customers, the call center was the place where your communication started, and, in many cases, it is the place where issues will be processed.

With call center reporting you can play in many ways:

  • exploring seasonal or regional trends
  • comparing different services issues
  • analyzing which service in which region is the most popular for ordering through the call center
  • analyzing services issues for leads generated through call center as well as through other lead generation channels
  • understanding call center efficiency and ROI, etc.


When servicing our clients, we in Centah are doing our own call center reporting to measure employees efficiency and quality of work, but also our client’s partner’s efficiency for processing red flags and complaints. This helps us to improve our service to our clients, but also it helps our clients to improve their business and boost revenue.

Customer experience management

For many customers, the call center will be the first “live” contact with your company. It is a place where they can express their needs and wishes, but also a place where you can shape these messages in an organized way for further actions.

Of course, every intense customer interaction brings many issues. Therefore, it is essential to have a proper training and reporting for call center personnel. With no loose ends in call center management, this will be one of the most efficient channels for home improvement sales and up-sells.

The trouble with call centers, in general, is that they are developed as an important part of your business, but their cost could be high. On one hand, employees have to be trained and skilled to gather important data and to update the system, and on the other, they have to do that as quickly as possible.

Call centers can receive a wide range of leads, but the key is to optimize marketing efforts to invite the most qualified leads to call. This is the first step that allows call center to be efficient while taking orders and updating the system for further actions.

By optimizing call center with smart management in both center itself and in the marketing campaigns, high-quality leads will be well processed and satisfied. On the other side, by using a call center lead generation channel with intent to gather as many leads as possible, without thinking about lead quality, will have a big negative impact on call center efficiency and the results. This means higher costs, poor closing ratios and an increase of dissatisfaction of your best customers.

Specifically, with Call Center reporting you will get:

  • Advanced Call reporting
  • Enhanced and improved customer experience
  • Key Performance Indicator monitoring and management
  • Cost control and expense management
  • Improved call efficiency

Misunderstanding of the Call Center Reporting

By our experience in Centah, under-performance of our client’s, dealer and contractor network can be the issue, but some problems can be also generated by a new management. It is not rare that new management doesn’t understand that in home improvement business things can’t be as smooth as in some other industries (especially if they don’t have applicable home improvement background).

The aim shouldn’t be set too high. It is impossible to have zero issues (wouldn’t that be lovely!) but it is possible to deal every one of them in order to complete as many jobs as you can. A common situation is to have a new management who is sometimes ready to discuss with their partners about minor things they found in our reports. What happens next is a dramatic drop of satisfaction of entire job’s execution network and, as a consequence, a drop of business.

This is just one of many examples of how reports can be misunderstood and therefore we have prepared for our client’s management training that will help them to get the best out of all our solutions.

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