Ticketing Management for Clear, Fast, and Efficient Communication

Ticketing System Management - Team lays out workflow with post-its on glass wall

Home Improvement business, like the most business that mainly depend on people, needs fast and direct communication for all stakeholders. There are many available options for business communication management and it is important to understand the nature of your business so you can choose and take exactly what you need to improve performance.

Software solution package includes tracking and managing of various issues:

•    everyday operations,
•    customer managing,
•    business network communication,
•    the software itself (access, bugs, questions, requests).

One of the key features of the successful business is organized (almost uniformed) communication that can be quickly initiated, responded and resolved, and later traced, analyzed and improved.

Benefits of managing all your business communication through one professional platform:

•    Communication that is easy to initiate, maintain and complete.
•    Communication that happens in one place for all users/stakeholders.
•    Communication that is easily accessible at any time from any device (with internet access).
•    Communication that can be checked and resolved instantly.
•    Communication that is supported by notifications for additional speed and efficiency.
•    Communication that is easy to track, analyze and improve.

For home improvement business this is not possible to achieve without ticketing system since the alternative would be a variety of communication channels impossible to manage (SMS, phone calls, internet services messaging, emails, etc).

Ticketing systems combine two important features of your business procedures:

1.    It is fast and directly addressed to those who should act, based on the information (like online chat and messaging, but more official).
2.    It has a simple and official form, it is providing key instructions but also a proper data collecting ready to be archived (like official documentation, but more efficient).

The combination of these two makes ticketing so valuable and often used by leading companies. In every day’s operation, ticketing guides its users to:

•    address the right issue on a right way
•    assign all issues to the right people
•    archive the ticket later with all key information needed for further data analytic, reporting, statistics…

Ticketing system brings benefits to everybody:

•    Company/Organization – highly efficient communication channel ready to generate more revenue
•    Employees and partners – rewarded according to their efforts with transparent work history
•    Customers – getting best possible service with minimum risks for misunderstandings and communication escalations
•    Software provider – saves resources and keeps the focus on further improvements of the ticketing system and the entire software.

Implemented in your business and CRM software, together with your specialized call center, ticketing system speeds up communication and reaction immediately. Used on a regular basis, in a very short period of time, it helps you to move your revenue to the next level.

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