How Centah Can Help in Generating High-Quality Leads

Lead Generation Service - Centah helps you draw in and engage prospects

Lead generation process heavily depends on understanding the lead qualifications and lead quality. You can try to experiment by yourself, but it is highly recommendable to let the professionals do the job.

When engaged in developing our lead generation model to fulfill specific needs of our clients, this is what we are bringing into this process:

•    Centah has worked with retailers, manufacturers and service providers for 15 years in the home improvement industry, helping them to grow and optimize their business
•    Centah has deep insight and detailed statistics and analytics on industry performance in all category areas such as windows, roofing, flooring, HVACs, etc.
•    Centah has further detailed reporting on Lead Entry Mediums which compares the closing ratios for the vehicle of lead entry, for example: call centre entered leads, service provider entered leads, web entered leads, etc… (This information can be also drilled down by geographical area: north-west United States, Chicago or Illinois for example)

Please note that any one-size-fits-all solution, that is not tailored for a specific business, your business, will soon reveal its flaws. And, since we are building our business (and our pricing) based on your success, it is crucial for us to bring you the best possible solution.

6 Steps Lead Generation Model by Centah

1st Step: Data Analytics of your Business (usually will take just one day)
Centah will review the Data Analytics of your Business, see how you compare with the Industry, and calculate if it’s worthwhile for you to invest at this moment. We are doing this by investigating impact to the closing ratios in different areas of your business. For example, you may find out that a certain employee or certain area is causing the drop in your closing ratio – this can be a matter of your employee training and nothing to do with how you are qualifying leads.

2nd Step: Setting New Goals
Goals are presented as general statements of what you want to achieve with your business. They should be integrated with your workflow and your vision of how you are going to achieve them.
Setting up goals based on your capacities and industry data insights can help you to create a valuable roadmap for your business. Key activities in setting goals include analyzing marketplace and organization. Exploring experiences of other companies can help you with your company transformation.
Having clear goals will keep you focused on major things, without wasting time and effort on issues that have little importance in the long term.

3rd Step: Recommendation of Changes
If you are thinking about the changes in your lead generation, focus on how you can move step by step from the current situation, by identifying your unused resources and capabilities. If you define your strategy well new revenue opportunities could be very close. Many products or services created with one customer group could be interesting for other groups as well. All this implies that your business can be modified and ready to generate new leads for more sales.

4th Step: Collaboration with sales team to finalize changes
Collaboration between the teams is very important for the good working environment. Goals have to be well defined, as each member contributes in generating the desired outcome. Changes within sales team have to be explained to each member. All questions regarding changes must have a clear answer so that entire team can focus on generating revenue.

5th Step: Implementation  
The Monitoring changes implementation process is essential for measuring the impact and evaluate success. Everyone in the company should be informed about lead generation progress, or if the process has met some impediments. In the implementation stage, employees should be informed and involved. Monitoring will also ensure that implementation is going as planned.

6th Step: Qualifying Scripts – Scenario for Success
Qualifying lead scripts are providing lead generation consistency and control of the lead quality. It is important to define and follow the structure of the qualifying scripts for every channel. This way you will be able to identify when a sales prospect is qualified and worth spending valuable time with. Some of the key questions for identifying the lead quality are purchase need, authority (decision makers), ability (lead price range) and genuine purchase intention.

Centah is using all available data (specific industry and clients averages), to create and implement specific scripts for variety of lead generation channels:
1.    Call Centre
2.    Web
3.    Lead Generator
4.    Store Associate
5.    Home shows
6.    Canvassers

Centah`s experience on the field guarantees expertise and highly beneficial consultancy  for your company. We can help you to develop a roadmap, with all necessary documents, that will allow flexibility, control, and the highly efficient process of lead generation.

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