Home Improvement Sales Meeting Tips – Set Expectations

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A key value that has to be achieved from the first in-home meeting is to set expectations with a customer to obtain Agreement. When scheduled and organized efficiently, with clear expectations set, the first appointment will boost your closing ratio.

Customers expectations have two levels:

  • The desired level is the service that customer hopes to obtain
  • Sufficient level is the service that the customer finds acceptable

You are the one who have to show the wisdom and skills to balance in between to make a sale.


Setting customer expectations saves time

Every lead needs some of your time, but not all the leads need to get the same amount of total effort since the quality of the lead is not always the same. One wants to do something with a home but didn’t even think about the budget. The other wants to get just a few ideas before preparing the budget for the next year. Some are just curious to hear the offer, and there are some people that will call you right after they already done some renovation just to show off (trust us, it may sound funny but it really happened more than once).

By taking organized phone calls you will be able to understand the quality of lead and devote your time to the best leads. This way the real buyers won’t wait because of just curious people, and you won’t be struggling with the lack of time and the bad closing ratio of your meetings.

Also, you should use the first phone call to explain that the purpose of the meeting is not just to talk about the project but to talk about details in order to sign the Agreement.


Setting customer expectations saves money

You know the feeling when you drive day by day across the town from lead to lead, trying to meet them on their demand, trying to organize meetings by location just to be able to get everywhere… And you know that feeling when one of your leads, the one that was

And you know that feeling when one of your leads, the one that was left for next week by this meeting location logic, answers the phone and says:

“We accepted some other offer.” And you are like: “What other?! You accepted the first one, you didn’t even give me a chance to give you my offer!” But they did! They did and you decided to go from meeting to the meeting based on location rather than the quality of the lead.

By setting expectations during the first phone call you will be able to recognize best buyers and organize your efforts based to that. This will significantly reduce the time you usually spend on providing information and offers, and you will have more time to organize a high-quality meeting.

Setting customer expectations dramatically increases closing ratio

We all know what it means to be stuck at the unproductive meeting. You were running to get on time, you go in there, you sit, and they say something like: “My husband will not join us, he is not too interested, but I think it would be great if we change something in this house, it so boring.”

Of course, no one will wait for you with a pen on the table ready to sign your offer. But, if you take an effort to set clear goals and prioritize your leads you are on a half-way to sale.

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