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Think for a moment about all the different ways your network and your clients submit their issues, questions, service requests… and how this widespread information flow affects your business. Customer and network feedback information are “managed” by post, questionnaires, emails, phone calls, messaging, live chat, and of course, through social media channels. You simply must have the right tools in place to track everything so that nothing falls through the cracks.

All the information and support you need to run your business! Even more useful links, the Centah Help Guides and the Support Team at your service!

It is important to understand that there are several typical communication stories within the software solution that have to be addressed in the process of creating and developing ticketing protocols for individual businesses:

•    Lead generation – lead contacts your company, enters the system and it is ready to be worked on (lead, call center/website/store, business network)
•    Lead lifecycle – lead is processed, customer satisfied, job finished and archived (sales, installation, administration, data stored)
•    Lead lifecycle issues – call-center, complaints & cancellations
•    Business network issues related to software – variety of users issues regarding the software, including access problems, bugs, help & support (sales, installation network, administration, software provider)
•    Other scenarios – software improvements, updates, bugs (software provider, client companies).

Help Guides – Do It Yourself

Many tickets can be resolved without being made in a first place! Using self-help tactics and procedures, we have improved our system with self-help guides that will help software users to find various answers about the software and the business solution that software is based on.

The Help Guide software section gives you the Best Practices of the industry for your business and provides you with all the information you need to work on your leads within the system. In case you are unable to find here the information you need, or if you need an assistance from Centah, the Centah Help link is there, ready to connect you with us directly. Every time you have a question or a problem regarding the system or a Lead, the best way to resolved it is to create a ticket using “Centah Help”.

The Ticketing System – How does it work?

You have a question or a problem regarding your system or an order. The best way to solve it is to open a ticket!

The ticketing system is a highway for communication between direct users of the software (client, client’s partners) and a software provider. Leads-oriented communication scenarios mentioned above already have price tags related directly with orders opened in the system. On the other hand, ticketing brings clear, measurable and transparent communication flow between a software provider and a client (including all software users from client business network).

In this customer-client relationship managed through the ticketing system, the role of the Centah, as a software and support service provider, can be:

•    basic help & support – regarding access or other simple issues
•    IT support – regarding more complex issues and improvements
•    Supervisor role for information flow control between our clients and their customers and installers/employees/partners.

To help you understand how the Centah ticketing works and how it brings value to your business let’s quickly review this example which shows how simply you can do it:

•    Make sure that the description is very clear.
•    Make sure that all the information we might need to solve your request is there. For example lead numbers, purchase order numbers, exact and full names of the employees you would like to add, their contact information etc.
•    Select the appropriate Category and Subcategory of your request for a faster response.
•    Enter a Lead number, if your question is related to a Lead, if not – leave it blank.
•    Enter the title and a detailed description of what you need from Centah.
•    You can assign other people who should be informed about the ticket.
•    If needed, you can send us a file with a document or an image.
•    Click Submit Help Request button to send us your inquiry.
•    After you submit your inquiry, the system will give you a Confirmation number.

From the example above we can see that the complete ticketing process is guided with specific key details necessary for its execution. This makes communication easy and precise, with no misunderstandings and excuses. Every information is stored in the system database and can be accessed and exported by all assigned accounts.

This way everything is transparent and accurate. The result is increased in velocity, efficiency, and the revenue.

Help Tickets – Simple and efficient

Each time you create a ticket to address a question or an issue, it will be saved in the section: My Help Tickets. Each ticket is assigned a unique number to identify it, so you can always refer to this number when you contact us or find the history of the ticket faster. This will tell you at a glance where are we, the Centah, in the process of resolving your inquiry.

Key sections that will be very useful for you:

•    Notes section is the section for the text entered by you when you create the ticket, which should briefly describe the situation you want to resolve.
•    Category and Subcategory have the intention of addressing your inquiry to the person who can resolve it. If an incorrect Category or subcategory is entered, the resolution may take a little bit longer.
•    Time and date fields will show the time and date the ticket was created and when it was modified. As we always want to exceed your expectations we have tight deadlines to review and to provide  an answer to all your inquiries within 24 business hours.

Additional sections

If you need to update information on the ticket you can do it. You can copy other people who need to be informed, just enter their email. The information of the person who opened the ticket will be also shown. It will always be you. If a file was attached when the ticket was created you will see it in the field we made for that purpose. The history of all the communications will be shown, as long as it was updated through the Ticketing System.

Centah ticketing at your service!

The core value that ticketing brings to our clients is the transparency of their business network efficiency. With ticketing it is easy to detect typical software issues for a specific group of users (or individual user). This gives you the opportunity for a quick action based on the issue type: additional users training, management consultation, direct information published within “Announcements” section in the system, etc.

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