11 Reasons to Let Us Do the “Software Thing” for Your Business

In order to keep a focus on your company’s core values – high-quality products and services, it is strongly recommended to find an experienced partner company that will help you with  business management strategies and tools in your sales and CRM processes. And did we mention – we are one of them! And this is why we are the One for you…

Company. The Company.

We are old-fashioned, long-term employing, slow-growth traditional company. We are not “leading“, “rising“, “venture“, “startup“… We are, just like you, the company that develops and improves its product for over a decade, a company that had the idea and set the mission. Today, we are a company that wants to revolutionize in manufacturing industry helping it to get to the next level by expanding the business model to embrace installations services for better market penetration and a higher revenue.

People. Our People.

Salespeople, Account Managers, and even IT “geeks“ that work with us, actually work – for you. They communicate directly with our software buyers and users for a decade and a half now, to try to make your business with our software better. Top to bottom in our company, any of our employees is a head to toe in business processes our customers dealing with. This didn’t just come up by accident – this is how we employ, train and nurture our people.

By the way, have you met with our sales yet? Did you have a chance to listen to them speaking about our proposal and what it can do for your business? If you still didn’t, contact us now to arrange the meeting!

Knowledge. About your business.

Our background comes from a home service business. Our development team is made of professionals that were in the business before smartphones with cameras, apps, and online games, and we are still here today, and rising. We combine the old way and a new way of doing business. We follow the trends by improving instead of switching from one thing to another just because it is “fashion trend” for this season. We were doing what you are doing, and today we are doing what you need to build a better business.

Experience. Decades of it.

We saw industry and economy ups and downs, including that one-really-big-“down” a few years ago. This is why we know it is not enough for a new software solution just to “boost” profit you have today. Instead, what we are really pushing hard with our software, which is a proactive business model solution that will improve efficiency, reduce costs and bring revenue flow at such a level that can stand against all future risks and keep you on the horse, regardless of circumstances. Additionally, once the baseline for steady growth is set, together we will improve, improve and improve, with no limitation whatsoever. Of course, we have our long-term partners to prove how it works for them.

By the way, after implementation of the most of the contemporary software solutions out there, you will have better results than ever before (with very little or no additional effort at all). In Centah, with our experience, we don’t see it as a big deal. We want to go beyond these basics since temporary success without the true change in a business approach is misleading, and a reality-backlash should be expected soon.

Software. The Software.

Our software solution is the key product of our Company, made by our People, based on our Experience and our Knowledge about the home improvement manufacturing and installation services business. In other words, this means that our software is the top-level product, high-end tool, many-times-proven and up-to-date solution for your business. The majority of retailers in North America already using it for their installation services branches, with over 50k industry professionals who are using it across US and Canada.

Call Centers. Home Improvement Call Centers.

In order to provide you with full infrastructure for customer relationship management (CRM) and installation services business, we are bringing call centers to the table as additional core feature with a tremendous impact on your business. Our key call centers are hosted in North America and specialized exclusively for home improvement topics and issues, with native language speaking employees trained for efficient and accurate customer support, but also trained to use and update information within our software. And all that for the best possible price for the quality of service you get!

For those still suspicious, let’s add 5 extra reasons

Technicalities – We are making a big deal software, but we are not making a big deal about it. Security, innovation, optimization, new technology implementation, boosting capacities, data storage and analytics, reporting, communication, training sessions, help and support, availability, control, tracking processes, and much more, are basics implemented in Centah way of doing business, just like accounting or paying taxes. Some software companies call them “features” and even “extra features”. What is so “extra” about it? We can’t even imagine our proposal without any of it.

Software users support – It comes with a software (response time is measured in hours), and it is detailed, highly experienced and skilled.

Our Clients – We are proud of our partners and their experience in the home improvement business that gave us a precious feedback and additional values to be implemented in our software. For years, together we are exchanging knowledge and best business practices based on millions of leads and jobs.

Building blocks – Managing sales, installations and payment operations is something that closely relates to your company size, niche and business model. Therefore we have patented and developed software modules simple to organize, to understand and to use. These modules reflect your entire business processes with all necessary details to get the job done.

Centah Expertise – Let us help you with a new service installation branch of your business by using our software, call center, training and home improvement business consultancy.

We are waiting for your questions!

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