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Call Center Solutions

Centah’s award-winning and innovative Call Centers specialize in creating and executing proactive marketing programs that promote revenue generation.

Highly Efficient

Centah’s Call Centers are a centralized, highly efficient solution designed to manage large volumes of customer interactions.

Superior Service

Our superior customer service is a result of our rigorous screening and on-boarding process to identify and successfully train the best agents.

Service Excellence

We manage, measure and monitor the performance and activities of our agents to ensure quality control, proficiency and service excellence.

Retailers Trust

Ongoing training/coaching of team members, with a highly collaborative client engagement model, are reasons Retailers trust our Call Centers.

Basic Product Offering – Components & Product Benefits

Add On Modules & Functionality

The modules & functionality listed below are available to enhance your basic Call Center package utilizing the Centah Work Flow and Lead Management Platform. To speak with a member of our Business Development team and discuss how Centah can work for your business.

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Complaint Resolution Management

Centah’s Contact Centers are the single point of contact for customer concerns, issue management and resolution. Complete management of the customer complaint process includes: receipt of complaint call, distribution of complaint to relevant parties, follow-up with customer, complaint resolution and customer satisfaction survey.

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Outbound Sales Initiatives

Outbound Sales Initiatives are recurring programs that involve contacting past customers to extend promotional offers for services that may be of interest to that particular group.

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Outbound WinBack Initiatives

Outbound Winback Initiatives include reaching out to customers who have initiated a lead/work order but have decided to not move forward. These “lost leads” can be contacted by Dedicated CSRs to understand customer service improvement opportunities, cancellation reasons, and ultimately win back the customer.

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Outbound Appointment Confirmations

Outbound Appointment Confirmations involve following-up with customers and contractors before and after their scheduled/completed appointments. These campaigns are often focused on confirming both parties are available for the appointment and the outcome of such appointment.

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Outbound Customer Completed Job Surveys

Once a project has been completed, Completed Job Surveys provide businesses with detailed analytics regarding customer satisfaction, cycle times, Contractor performance and overall brand reputation.

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Outbound Contractor Surveys

While surveying customers is very important, surveying contractors on behalf of the business is equally as significant and often overlooked. Such surveys provide insight into employee satisfaction, which then correlate to customer interactions and overall satisfaction.

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Dedicated Customer Service Representatives

Dedicated CSRs become experts in the business they work within, and are therefore able to handle both inbound and outbound calls that will drive sales, increase customer satisfaction and enhance performance of all services within your business.

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Appointment Setting

Secure an in-home appointment with your customer during their first inbound call/connection. Get qualified leads immediately, reducing the need for your customers to compare brands and ultimately look to your competitor.

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Quote Abandoned Customer Follow-Ups

Customer Follow-Ups contact all customer’s with a project that has fall into an abandoned status. Ensure your customer’s are receiving quality attention from your Service Providers, and not talking with the competition.

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Service Provider Recruitment Initiatives

Service Provider Recruitment Initiatives utilize Centah’s vast network of qualified and accredited Service Providers, as well as the use of data analysis and market research to identify external candidates. Obtain a list of qualified contractors who are eager to represent your brand.

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