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Welcome to Centah Business Blog!

Here we are sharing years of experience of creating complete solutions for home improvement industry – manufacturers, retailers, dealers, instalers – that will help them to boost their business.

Key topics on this blog: business management software (BMS), customer relationship management (CRM), home improvement business software, home improvement call center, sales process, workflow, installation process, customer feedback, communication, customer complaints, cancellations, business reporting, business intelligence, business consultancy…

What are the Differences Between Contractor, CRM and Enterprise Home Improvement Software?

Problems & Implications that can arise for a Retailer, Manufacturer or Large Contracting Company if they select the Wrong Software for their Business

Centah measurable Indicators of Success

Centah business model is developed from years of experience in home improvement sector. Our Solution, including software, call center, web applications, and other components, reflects and implements best business practices for guaranteed success of our clients.

Direct Correlation between Simplicity and Success

Successful business development demands adaptation and changes in order to stay operational and to grow. The secret of successful organizations is to win back simplicity and efficiency rates even when business volume goes up. There are several simple guidelines that…

Customer-Centric Business Model by Centah

Many companies call their marketing actions – “communication” with the market. But, can we call this one-way process a “communication” at all? On the other hand, customer-centric model, as a genuine communication framework, is build on a feedback. But feedback…

To Be Or Not To Be Customer-Centric Business

Customer-centric business model is a rather fancy concept these days, but it is not that easy to actually apply it in the practice. It is true that today every brand’s reputation is in the hands of the consumers more than…

How can Centah Help with Customer Order Cancellation?

In Centah, we are using decades of experience in the home improvement industry to complete the solutions puzzle for your business, with all key elements included. Unfortunately, cancellations are often overlooked, maybe because people tend to focus on successful jobs.

Why Customers Cancel Orders and What You can do about it?

It is good to know why some of your sales are denied by the potential customers, even when new leads are coming and the revenue is stable. Especially, when things are not going so well, or you are just planning…

Store Lead Generation

Want more customers coming through your doors? Want high-qualified leads? Want more opportunities and more control for the up-sell process? Go for the in-store lead generation! This is the lifeblood of your business!

Call Center Dilemma: In-House or Outsourced?

The Call Center can help keep your customers satisfied, build your presence, and give you a platform that can handle any new product or service you might want to present to the world.