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Welcome to Centah Business Blog!

Here we are sharing years of experience of creating complete solutions for home improvement industry – manufacturers, retailers, dealers, instalers – that will help them to boost their business.

Key topics on this blog: business management software (BMS), customer relationship management (CRM), home improvement business software, home improvement call center, sales process, workflow, installation process, customer feedback, communication, customer complaints, cancellations, business reporting, business intelligence, business consultancy…

Real Time Tools for Total Control of Your Business

If understood and used correctly, reliable and the prompt information are essential to expand your business. To do so, you will need proper tools that can help you to implement the real-time management across your business operations.

Centah Software Pricing Strategy

Pricing simplicity for IT products and services benefits both buyer and a software provider. Unfortunately, we often see too complicated pricing schemes that make buyers leave or take the offer without fully understanding it. Why is that so, if we…

What to Look for in Pricing, Terms & Conditions of SaaS Offers?

Pricing in software is not a common subject in industry magazines, road shows, or in small talks on business meetings. But, a software in the home improvement industry makes a significant portion of the business expenses, and a represents business…

How should you book Sales Appointments to Increase your Closing Ratio?

We all know how hard is to get leads from the competitive market, and even harder to convert them to our customers. How can we extract more sales from meetings we have already arranged? Easily, by implementing few simple rules…

Home Improvement Sales Meeting Tips – Set Expectations

A key value that has to be achieved from the first in-home meeting is to set expectations with a customer to obtain Agreement. When scheduled and organized efficiently, with clear expectations set, the first appointment will boost your closing ratio.

How Centah Software Reports Can Help You to Run Your Business?

Previously we have discussed core values of reporting generated by the home installation business management software, but here we would like to show you few of our favorite ones.

Home Improvement Sales Meeting Tips – 2 Legged Appointment

Major home improvement projects are complex and include multiple options and selections. They also cost more than homeowners are willing to spend. All this makes home improvement sales hard to close. One of the key strategies for a successful sale…

Key Values You Really Need From Installation Business Management Software

The core value of the business management software (BMS) implementation, other than daily operations management, is a gathering of essential data for measuring efficiency and speed in sales and resolving customers issues such as delays, complaints, cancellations… The key is…

Is Centah Solution a Contractor or CRM Software?

We understand your confusion. You know you need a (new) software, you figured out there are different types of software and you were just about to pick one when you find out about the Centah. Is our solution what you…

Real Time Software Solution

Real-time software applications are popular today as they provide faster accomplishment of tasks, operations, and activities on the computer. Another advantage is that they provide an instant review of all business actions for the best results.