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Welcome to Centah Business Blog!

Here we are sharing years of experience of creating complete solutions for home improvement industry – manufacturers, retailers, dealers, instalers – that will help them to boost their business.

Key topics on this blog: business management software (BMS), customer relationship management (CRM), home improvement business software, home improvement call center, sales process, workflow, installation process, customer feedback, communication, customer complaints, cancellations, business reporting, business intelligence, business consultancy…

What to Look for in a Software to Run Your Dealer Business?

You can pick a “some-kind-of” software and later ask yourself “why I am not getting the results I expected?”. Or, you can check out this simple Top 5 lists of “to-do’s” and “do not’s” to find out how to choose…

How Centah Can Help You to Sharpen Your Business Focus?

Switching focus from production-sale to production-(sale)-installation business model represents a major shift for your company. Aiming high always comes with a big challenge and you could probably use some help from experts in the field. This is how we do…

Centah Way – What Do We Believe In?

Centah Inc. is a business software solution company, build by people with years of experience in the home services industry. This personal experience gave us knowledge and ideas for home improvement industry solutions that have no match on the market.

Centah Solution for website Lead Generation Sale

Ultimate web Lead Generation strategy comprises of the high-quality content that will bring true value to your users, and allow them to contact you easily for additional information or for final sale.

Scrum Strategy in Home Improvement Industry

Have you heard about the Scrum? Scrum is a work concept based on a small dedicated highly trained and well organized teams. It is a common approach in military and IT industry but it can be equally efficient in home…

Boosting Home Improvement Sales With Your Website Activities

The Internet is changing business dramatically day by day. Actually, these changes are happening so fast that is hard to acknowledge them and to react on time.

Why Should Manufacturers Go Directly to the Consumer?

In this particular article we will deal with one of the most important topics, not just in the Home Improvement industry, but in the global marketplace, as well. We have felt global changes in the past decades, which had an…

How Centah Workflow Helps You to Manage Your Business?

The Centah Workflow is a guide for helping to convert more leads into installed sales. It is a step by step process that provides key reminders of when certain expected tasks that are off track. It was designed by incorporating…

Home Improvement Sale Cycle Workflow Management

The Workflow identifies the major stages of the sales cycle and the activities that have to be performed within each stage or the sales process. Once set, it allows full implementation of Sale Cycle Workflow Management for the best business…

6 Must Have Solutions for Every Home Improvement Business

The Software is great but it’s not all. Is your Solution a Complete Solution?